Wild Rift (Mobile Game of League Of Legends)

Wild Rift (Mobile Game of League Of Legends)

Wild Rift (Mobile Game of League of Legends), which Riot Games will release, is the mobile version of the League of Legends game, which we call “LOL Mobile” for short. Although the mobile version of the game varies in terms of gameplay, you will use the entire structure of the League of Legends game while playing.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is currently one of the trendiest mobile games worldwide. With enormous popularity even before its official launch, LOL Mobile will likely remain one of the biggest esports-centric mobile games. So Riot Games knows how important it is to stream this game smoothly around the world.

What is League of Legends Wild Rift?

People who have played the League of legends game before know that we can look at it as a mobile version of a computer game that updates every month and improves the gameplay. We need to pay attention to here, and the release date will give information about the postponement; the characters in this game are not copied and pasted into the mobile version. Each character was drawn and designed from the beginning, and further improvements were made in the visuals. Some characters seem to be getting updates.

 Another important point is that there is a big difference between users playing the PC and mobile versions. As they cannot enter the same game, they will not carry the information in the game on the PC to the mobile version. In short, for those who have not played before, there are five players in both teams. These players are gathered from all over the world and allow you to play in the same game.

This game, which you can play with your friends or different people, is a team game. Of course, if a corridor stands out too much, the possibility of carrying the match increases, but most of the time, it does not encounter such situations, and some struggles break it. After a certain minute of the game, your battles with team play, not individual, will become more valuable. Therefore, when choosing a character from the very beginning, we recommend that you buy characters that are not effective in the early game but contribute to the team play in the late game. This game is completely free.

Here, the Riot company offers various surprises to lol users on the PC to make the mobile version more preferred. Although these surprises are welcomed by the player, the more you play the content, the more quality surprises will come, and they were not welcomed by users who did not play lol before.

We are hearing that a more general surprise is being requested. It is possible to see the previously known characters in the LOL game on the mobile version. However, some of these are quite different from the computer version. It has appeared with almost 40 heroes, not just certain heroes, but over time, LoL will contain characters in the PC version and champions that will be exclusive to the Wild Rift, they say.

Differences between Wild Rift and Summoner’s Rift

Although LoL has quite different things from the PC version, you can easily carry the League of Legends’ excitement with you in the Wild Rift, which ends quickly, just outside your home. The joy it gives is very meaningful for the players.

Riot Games is trying to reduce the average game time in mobile games to 15-20 minutes to increase playability. That’s why there are some changes in the game and the map. From these changes, we can reach the maximum level of 15 in the first game. For the game to develop and finish faster, the level limit, which was 18 in the PC version, was increased to 15.

In Wild Rift, each skill is upgraded four times. Ultimate abilities are developed three times. Towers have no barricades. When the minion dies next to you, you will earn gold even if you didn’t hit the last shot. Only the last hit will give a little more gold. Also, there are ward areas similar on the map, and you do not need to buy totems.

Wild Rift’s controls

Playing the game on mobile or console will, of course, cause us to get out of the comfort we are used to on the mouse. That’s why Riot has some improvements. The map will be located in the upper left. While our left hand is walking our character, our right hand will help us aim and click. Also, our champion will always target the minion with the lowest health. There will be an extra button to target enemy champions and turrets.


Wild Rift champions

There are currently 145 champions in LoL. But of course, not all of them are suitable for mobile play. It started with 40 in the Wild Rift. Also, some costumes and animations will not be available for the Wild Rift. Champions in our LoL account will also not be transferred to the Wild Rift. We’ll need to start Wild Rift from scratch.

Wild Rift System Requirements League of Legends

Wild Rift has been optimized to run on various mobile devices so that players can play the game without straining and enjoying the fun at its peak. We have listed below which versions and system requirements you need to play Android and iOs devices.

Wild Rift System Requirements Android Phones Operating System:

 Android 4.4 and above

Ram: 1.5 GB

 RAM CPU: 1.5 GHz quad-core (32-bit or 64-bit)

GPU: PowerVR GT7600 Wild Rift System Requirements

 iOS Phones Operating System: iOS 9 and above

 Ram: 2 GB RAM CPU: 1.8 GHz dual-core (Apple A9)

GPU: PowerVR GT7600

If you are interested in LoL and to obtain such information, you can visit our site SuperSmurf. Besides, you can buy accounts that you can play on different servers for the LoL PC Version from the market section on our site. In our article, we told you about Wild Rift, and you can download this game to your android and ios phones, which has become very popular and join this fun.