4 Easy Ways To Make Money Playing League of Legends

Do you want to earn some extra cash? Perhaps you are curious if it is possible to earn money by playing League of Legends! Read more about how to earn money playing League of Legends in this blog.

Professional Esports Player (CLG – CounterLogicGaming)


Esports is getting more popular day by day, therefore the prize pools of these tournaments become more rewarding as we go into the future.

We all know that majority of the League of Legends players never reach diamond. Most of us will never become a professional esports player unless you put hours of work into training.

The average esports player salary is $410,000. It has increased nearly 400% since 2017 according to dotesports.



This is by far the most common way to get paid for playing League of Legends, however, getting hired by these companies can be difficult.

Usually the boosters have to earn a certain amount of money before they are able to withdraw the money they earned. Boosters also have to play a minimum amount of games every day to avoid getting fired from the job.

The salary that you can earn depends on how many orders you take so there is no rough estimate. Usually, people who boost League of Legends accounts earn up to $2000 a month.

Twitch Streamers (Yassuo, Kaypealol, Tyler1)


Do you have an entertaining characteristic? Then this might be the dream job for you. It takes an insane amount of time and dedication to succeed at this particular job so don’t think this will be an easy journey!

You may have seen it yourself, twitch streamers getting flooded with donations. Although this usually is not the main goal of the streamer, but who would not want to get paid for playing League of Legends and entertaining other people!

But don’t get it twisted, as we have said before this job is incredibly hard and only a few succeed. The salary of a twitch streamer varies a lot. To see an estimate of earnings check out businessofapps!

SuperSmurfs League of Legends Cashflow
League of Legends


If you think all of the options above take too much effort to start earning money by playing League of Legends then let us introduce you to the SuperSmurfs cashflow system.

To get started, you will have to buy the cashflow lol smurf account. It can be found in the shop, currently, we only support the Europe West region. After you’ve purchased the account, you may notice that you can not change the password. That’s because you will be selling the account back to us later!

The higher elo you reach, the more you get paid. But keep in mind that once purchased, you have to reach the desired rank within 1 month.

Rewards are as following:

  • Diamond 4 = €35
  • Platinum 4 = €10
  • Gold 4 = €2
  • Silver 4 = €1

+20% Per Subdivision (3, 2, 1)

Note: You will get paid the initial investment back as well so for example if you were to sell the account back to us with a Gold 4 rank you will receive the amount you paid for the account + the 2 euro.

The requirements that these accounts need to meet:

  • Silver+ Solo/Duo Rank
  • Honor Level 2+ (If honor level < 2 then -25% payout)

Use the coupon “CFSS” to lower the price of the SuperSmurfs cashflow account from €7.99 to €3.99

Payouts can be done through PayPal or Bitcoin. Alternative payment methods can be requested, go to the contact us page or open the live chat.

What are you waiting for? Start getting paid playing League of Legends! An extra source of income, also known as cashflow will be great for your wallet.