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6 Incredible smurf account tips to get better

It’s widely known that the majority of the players in League of Legends have smurf accounts. Have you ever wondered why? Would people do it just to show off to their friends? Or to troll other people? So many questions, but no answers to be found! Luckily we, SuperSmurfs have got your back! Try playing […]

Changing League of Legends Email in 2 Super Easy Steps

If you want to change your League of Legends email for the cheap unverified level 30 smurf account you just bought from SuperSmurfs. Changing your League of Legends Email helps secure your new unranked smurf account with fresh mmr. To explain the proces of changing your league of legends email on your smurf account we […]

Get Better In League of Legends With These 4 Super Important Tips

We all blame our teammates now and then, but in the end, it is not in your hands to select what players you would like to have in your team. So let’s put these excuses aside, and help you get better in League of Legends and improve your overall League of Legends gameplay with these […]