LoL Jungle Hero Recommendations (How To Play Jungle)

lol jungle hero recommendations

You also want to learn jungle hero but do not know where to start or play jungle, but you can not achieve the success you want? First of all, it is very important to determine what kind of jungle character you have. With the ever-changing meta of the game, the jungle structure and characters also change from time to time.

But due to its mission, the jungle characteristics are always the same. We have divided these jungle characteristics into several classes for you, and we have made recommendations from the most preferred jungle characters in these characteristics. In this article, we will give you tips about How to Play the Jungle.

Power Farm Jungle Heroes

Power Farm, that is, the jungle champions who spend a long time in the forest and kill as many as possible from the forest camps and turn into a carry character as they get stronger in terms of item and level are included in this category.

They are the jungle heroes who play around the strong corridor of their team, take advantage of the dominance of that corridor, steal resources and play 1v1 if they encounter the opponent.

If you have a conscious team, these power farm jungle heroes can be very powerful. After all, your teammate comes first to the 1v1 that comes out in the forest or the river because you play around the lane where you are ahead.

This type of jungle characters are generally characters that can turn jungle camps very quickly, and heroes that grow like an avalanche as the scale becomes higher, i.e., the item and level.

To give an example of the popular characters of these characters and the champions we see in the esports scene


Graves Power Farm Jungle Hero

In League of Legends, Graves is one of the most indispensable characters of the power farm meta. Its ability to clean forest camps quickly and with almost no loss of life has been keeping it at the forefront for a long time.

With the skill kit he has, he is very powerful in 1v1 and turns into a complete monster as he gains gold and experience

Graves Tips

Graves is a character who can clear jungle camps very quickly and with high health, with the advantage that his skill kit gives him. The fact that his normal attacks push units allows him to easily kite jungle camps.

While playing Graves, you have to kill as many camps as possible, and you have to reach three levels as soon as possible. Since the push effect created by his normal attacks directly breaks the shield on the scuttle, he can quickly kill the scuttle and take control of the river.

As he gets stronger in level and item, Graves transforms into an endgame monster that can quickly kill anyone he comes across.


Lillia Power Farm Jungle Hero

Using the mobility that the skill set affords her, this character, who took the lead by taking down her opponents and clearing the incredibly fast jungle camps, has always managed to stay in the foreground ever since she emerged. Her kit of skills makes her difficult to target and almost impossible to escape or chase.

Lillia Tips

While playing Lillia, you must constantly clear the jungle camps and get stronger, like the other characters in this characteristic. The biggest advantages of Lillians are the ability to quickly clear the jungle camps and increase the speed of movement while in combat.

From time to time, she should go in and out of war, and from time to time, she should start a war by shooting flash on opponents and following her Q with her R ability.

Gankable Jungle Heroes

Gankable Jungle heroes are the characteristic of the jungle who wants to reach the third level and sometimes the second level as quickly as possible and raid the lanes as soon as possible. These types of jungle heroes are usually mobile junglers with crowd control or fast distance closure. It is played to reach the third level faster as gameplay and support his crowd control with his friend in the corridor, killing the opposing team players, putting them under pressure, or killing them from the lane.

Lee Sin is one of the first heroes that come to mind when it comes to Gankable jungle hero.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin Gankable Jungle Hero

With a highly mobile skill kit, Lee Sin is a nuisance for rival lanes, with his ability to close, follow, and great early damage. He must quickly reach the third level and look for a dominant or counter-dominant chance.

Lee Sin Tips

In terms of gameplay, Lee Sin is a jungle hero who wants to reach the third level as quickly as possible and reach maximum functionality in the early stage.

From the third level, it is played to spot the opponent jungle who is waiting for the gank opportunity and then gank the opponent.

His task is to bring his teammates to an advantageous position with the pressure it creates in the corridors and to bring his team forward with the scores he receives or takes.

These types of jungle heroes are usually tasked with starting a team fight in the later stages of the game or creating areas where their own team carriers can safely attack.

Jungle, one of the most important roles in League Of Legends, is one of the roles you need to be very knowledgeable about and pay attention to during the game if you want to play. When playing jungle, you need to be very careful with your teammates. You have to play by paying attention to the minions in the lanes where your teammates are located.

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