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Unlike other competitors we can proudly say we maintain
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Our store has all kinds of lol accounts, explore the store. and find unranked, unverified, cheap level 30 League of Legends smurfs! Our current list of supported regions are: North America, Europe West and Europe Nordic & East

Types of smurfs

Learn more about the smurfs that are being sold on SuperSmurfs. Find an account that fits your needs!

A Capsule Smurf still has all the loot available from leveling up. The benefit of this is that you might be lucky and purchase champions for cheaper than the original price when buying it with blue essence.

A Blue Essence Smurf that has a guaranteed amount of Blue Essence that is saved throughout leveling up. The benefit of this is that you can buy the champions you want to play without having to stress about not having enough Blue Essence.

This will come in the near future where SuperSmurfs will start selling accounts that contain ranks (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc).


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