How to earn blue essence fast in League of Legends

How to earn blue essence easy in League of Legends
How to earn blue essence easy in League of Legends
How to earn blue essence easy in League of Legends

What is League of Legends for those who don’t know?

LoL is an energetic game and involves excellent competition. Since it is a strategic game, it would not be wrong to say that League of Legends is a game that appeals to all ages. One of the things that people who play LoL think about the most is how to earn blue essence fast?

It is a strategic and competitive game of the League of Legends game. However, besides all these, the game is also teamwork. Apart from the static/static phenomena, it is necessary to consider the variable elements in the game and develop a strategy accordingly. However, in the game, based on static factors, there are formations called Towers, Inhibitors, Central Building, Minions, and Monsters. These formations are included in each game regardless of player requests. However, due to the differences, there are three separate game entries.

There are two groups of five players in the game, and opposing strategies are followed. These two teams fight each other to demolish towers on a map containing three separate corridors. This game setup depicts the fight over Summoner’s Rift. However, it is also possible to play the game with more complex elements and strategies than other entries.

The only thing you need to be a champion in the game of League of Legends is to play the game.
You will level up by playing the game. With these leveling jumps, the game gives you capsules, so you can easily open heroes. If you wish, you can also turn the champions into blue essence.

How to get blue essence easy? How fast does the blue self contract? In League of Legends, the popular game of Riot Games, the blue essence and Riot Points are used as units. While Riot Points can be obtained by purchasing, the blue essence is obtained by playing League of Legends and leveling up. So what is blue essence good for in League of Legends? How to get blue essence quickly and easily. We will make sure you get the fastest blue self for you—pleasant readings for everyone.

What players do in league of legends with blue essence?

In League of Legends, you can buy a lot of things with a blue essence. With the Blue Essence store, the number of things you can buy is increasing. What you can get is;


Champion icons

Rune pages

Clash Ticket


Random ward skin

Random icons

Random Champagne icons

Champion colors

Costume colors

Gemstone + Gemstone Knight Icon

Gemstone + Gemstone Prince Icon

Gemstone + Gemstone King Icon

Poro Icon with Baron Hat

Essence Collector Ward

From the Abundant Pouch Statement

Content exclusive to the LoL Partner Program, such as emerald colors or emoticons

You can use it to improve your mastery level in champions.

How to get blue essence in League of Legends?

The things you can do to get the blue essence in League of Legends;

By leveling up.

By separating champion crystals.

By completing the first win of the day mission.

You can earn blue essence from Hextech chests.

How to easily earn blue essence in LoL? How fast does the blue self contract?

The best thing you can do to get your blue essence quickly and easily in League of Legends is to level up. To level up quickly, you have to play game modes that take a short time to do. You can play modes such as ARAM, URF, Center Siege or play games against bots that give XP due to the match.

How To Increase My Blue Essence By Leveling Up

Every time you level up, you earn a level capsule, and from this capsule, you either directly gain Blue Essence or one or more champion crystals. If you wish, you can decompose these champion crystals and turn them into Blue Essence, or you can wait to open the champion you want, and you do not have. Note that if you activate it with Blue Essence from Champion Crystal, you will spend less.

Of course, do not forget that you cannot improve your game skills while playing against bots and only play against bots to get the Blue Essence as much as you need.

You can purchase Exp Boosts from the Store to level up fast. The Exp Boost will allow you to level up faster, hence gaining Blue Essence faster. Thus, we have noticed that Riot Games is doing a good marketing tactic with Blue Essence.

Besides this, you can do one more thing in League Of Legends without having to have a blue essence, which is to get a Smurf account.

What is a Smurf account?

Smurf accounts are accounts that you need to open a new account with, if you wish, you have played this game before, and experience these things again and prepare for your ranked matches in a boring way. Smurf is a movie series. In these games, the reason for using it is the secondary account. However, smurf accounts can be purchased without having an account. At this point, SuperSmurfs will help you. To get a game account, all you have to do is go to the market section of the supersmurfs site and buy yourself an account on the server you want.

If you are going to play LoL or are currently playing and want a second account, this method will save you many burdens. Riot Games also looks at these accounts very well. In their statements about Smurf Accounts, they quite state that they cannot ban smurf accounts. Popular people or esports players in the game also have one or more smurf accounts. You can also reduce the time you will spend on the game by getting a smurf account for yourself. Or you can quickly have a smurf account and step into your ranked matches quickly.

You can spare the time you will spend on Blue essence to improve yourself in the ranked matches in your account. You can get yourself a smurf account by following the SuperSmurfs site. Get yourself a free smurf account by joining our Discord server.