The fastest way to level 30 in the league of legends

The fastest way to level 30 in the league of legends
The fastest way to level 30 in the league of legends
The fastest way to level 30 in the league of legends

If you love to play the League of Legends game, it means you love competition. One of the essential things in competitive games is the league you are in. The higher your league level, the more you start enjoying the game. That’s why being level 30 is very important in the league of legends.

Why is level 30 important in League Of Legends?

Being level 30 is the first step to getting you started playing competitive matches in League Of Legends. You cannot play ranked matches in the league of legends without 30 levels.

Also, apart from being level 30, you don’t have enough blue core to buy the 16 champions required for ranked play. Level 30 accounts are required not only for a single rank but also for ranked teams. If you want to play competitively in a team with your friends but are not at the right level, this is not happening. This may seem unfair, but it gives us more reason to level our accounts as quickly as possible!

League of Legends You Must Win Matches to Hit Fast. We do not think we need to say this, but when you lose in the game, you also get experience points, but it is less. You will gain more experience points and level up with each match win.

First Win of the Day

League of Legends has the first win of the day bonus in years. This is now available as a mission, and you earn extra experience points each day you win the first win. Thus, you can get 400 bonus experience points from the first match you win.

XP Boost

XP boosts temporarily increase the experience points you gain at the end of the match. These boosts are divided into two, one of which is timed, the other is an increase per win. It’s possible to buy both with RP in the Riot store, and of course, you pay real money. If you are in a hurry, you can choose this way.

It provided the opportunity to play matches with bots on the previously found Twisted Treeline map. In this way, players who bought XP could quickly gain XP against bots. However, this is no longer a valid game mode. Besides, it has become less preferred as playing against bots now gives less XP.

In addition to these, there is software sold. Thanks to this software, you leave your account to bot software, these bot software will automatically play your account until it is level 30. Riot games can cause problems with this bot, but it is generally not bothering.

Thanks to the reward of the game given as the first victory of the day, you can level up easily. Moreover, if you throw a game every day for this, you will not be giving all of your time to the game.

The things to do to be level 30 are quite simple. But is it worth the time you spend to level 30 and the money you give to your XP boosters?

Considering the time and money you spend to become level 30 and the time it takes to keep playing it non-stop, this is a huge situation. Instead, you can get one unranked smurf account, as most people do.

What are these unranked Smurf accounts?

In order to play a ranked game in the League of Legends game, you need to reach level 30. Until this level, it has been torture for players who already know the game and secure their second account to start from scratch and play with new players. We aim to save players from this trouble with the 30th level LoL unranked account sale carried out on our site. With the League of Legends 30 level unranked account you purchase through our site, you can get the right to enter ranked games on LoL.

League of Legends Accounts

You can find enough blue essence to change nicknames and buy champions among the accounts you will buy. After purchasing the LoL Unranked account, the user name and password information are automatically delivered by our system, and the transaction is carried out. Since there is no previous email verification in the accounts, you can get the right to be the first owner of the account by defining your own email to the account without a security code after logging in to the account.

How Can I Buy Smurf Account?

Buying a LOL Unranked account is easy and yet reliable. It will only take you a few minutes to make a payment and receive account information on our site. You are just one click away from shopping on the unranked accounts page to get a clean start to your ranked career from scratch.

After the League of Legends account is sold, there are no repurchases by Riot. If you have any unranked account problems, you can quickly reach us via live support.

What’s in LoL Unranked Account?

There are 40,000-50,000 blue essences and one champion you can use in a 30 Level unranked account. After the unranked account has been delivered to you in this way, you can change the email address and password of the account. The 30 level unranked account sales site, which offers services such as automatic instant delivery, 15-day warranty, and live support, provides the safest opportunities for you. Although there is a blue core, there are no costumes other than the number of costumes found in news accounts after purchase.

LoL 30 Level Unranked Account

With our site’s assurance, unranked accounts are sold on different servers such as EUW, EUNE. You can also enjoy different servers by opening 30 level accounts on different servers.

You can quickly enter your games as 30 levels and start playing in your new smurf account by starting your ranked games. These accounts will belong entirely to you, so you will be able to change your password and e-mail address as you wish. With the help of our site for anything possible, your troubles can be easily solved.

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