Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy your LoL Account read our answers to the most common questions about League of Legends Accounts and Smurfs! Can’t find an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us!

Can I sell my account here?

Unfortunately you can not. We might consider adding this option to our website in the near future, but no promises.

What payment methods can we use to pay?

We accept Stripe (Credit Card), Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This might change in the future.

I have paid, when do I receive my account?

When paying with Stripe (Credit Card) you will receive the account instantly.

When paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum the delivery process might take a bit longer depending on the confirmation speed of the transaction.

The credentials of the bought product can be found in your e-mail or if you have created an account on our website it can also be seen on the orders page.

How do I change the email/password of the bought smurf account?

You do this by logging in to the official Riot Games League of Legends website. After you have logged in go in to the account settings and press change email/password.

More information on changing your league of legends email

Can I change the ingame name?

You can purchase a summoner name change through the League of Legends Client by going into the Store > Account > Summoner Name Change.

Make sure you keep 13900 blue essence available to purchase this.

Is this site legit/safe?

Yes, we do everything we can to keep providing high quality smurfs only.

Regarding the safety of your information we make use of SSL (HTTPS) and use Stripe to handle payments.

How can we trust SuperSmurfs?

We have a Discord community with over 400+ members! Our customers have written reviews over there as well as on our site.

You can always participate in the giveaways we do and win a League of Legends account for free by joining the SuperSmurfs Discord Server.

Can I get an account for free?

We host weekly giveaways for our discord community, and the best part about it is that it’s free to participate! Click here to join the discord server.

I got banned, now what?

Please head over to this page and fill out the form. A replacement of the bought product will be sent within 24 hours after submission.

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