Reasons to start smurfing on league of legends

smurfing in league of legends
Smurfing in league of legends

What Does Smurf Mean in the Game?

Smurfing in the game means opening a second account. It refers to promoting in their home country or a global match, then opening a new account and playing against low-level players. Although we know the word Smurf as minor blue cartoon characters, it has a different meaning in computer games.
Of course, you need to reach a certain level for Smurf accounts. However, if you are not satisfied with your regular account and have a goal of promoting to higher-level leagues, opening a Smurf account from scratch is a very good opportunity.

The term Smurf is not only used in the League of Legends game. It is a term generally used in competitive games. It is used to describe accounts with specific characteristics. We will explain what smurfing is and what advantages it provides to you in our article.

Smurfing in Online Games

Smurf is the English name for the cartoon series Smurfs. The Smurf used in games comes from here. This term was used in games for the first time in the game called Warcraft. The two very good players must be bored in very high leagues that they opened two accounts, Papa Smurf and Smurfette. In this way, they were able to match low-level players and defeat them easily. Thereupon the term smurfing emerged in competitive games. Afterward, those who had this second account in other games were called Smurf.

What Does Smurf Account Do?

Smurf accounts are accounts that give you a fresh start from scratch. In this way, you can easily try something in the new account. If you wish, you can climb the league as fast as you want with the fresh Elo of this account.
Smurfing is a highly preferred thing in games because it gives you this opportunity. Thanks to the experiences you gained in your previous account, you can quickly upgrade to this new account and start enjoying the game from scratch.

Those who make various mistakes in their own account and want to climb to the top without repeating them in their new account use a Smurf account. Some prefer Smurfing in order to teach the game to someone who is just starting out. Games like League of Legends have many Smurf players.

What Does LoL Smurf Mean?

This online war game is based on assembling a team of 5 and destroying the towers of the opposing team. Of course, there are many who try to get a high ranking in this game.

There are quite questionable points about Smurfing. The question of whether I will be banned is one of the most curious questions. Having a Smurf account in the game does not cause a ban. Riot Games is very skeptical about this, but you cannot be banned from League of Legends for smurfing.

The biggest pros of this are that even the eSports sector players have two or three smurf accounts, and some players have almost five smurf accounts. This is why it is very popular. You are unlikely to be banned. There are many players with smurfing, including esports players.

There are also those who wish to obtain a free Smurf account. These are people who want to be Smurfs but don’t have the time to do so. It is possible to reach a solution in a short time by contacting those who sell Smurf accounts.

Why Should I Get Smurf Account?

Each League of Legends player can have more than one account. By purchasing a smurf account from scratch, you can have more accounts. Most professional players have smurf accounts. In these accounts, they try new things and. If you want to improve yourself in this game, you have to try different strategies by having more than one account. For example, you have two accounts on the Euw server, one of which is to the championship cluster, the other to mastery. Earn higher MMR as you win in accounts that have never been ranked before. For a Smurf account, you can buy the most reliable and affordable ones from our site.

What is the benefits of smurfing?

You will be bolder as the Smurf Account you buy from our site is not your main account. Since these accounts will be your second account, you do not have to worry about losing them. If you have a friend in lower leagues and love to be with him, you can buy yourself a new smurf account and start playing on different servers if you wish.

There are many different characters in the game of League of legends. Trying these characters in different roles will help you get tactics that will rise in your main account. In addition, a smurf account can be opened just to try different roles.

You can now develop yourself in the League of legends game in different roles by getting a new smurf account. You can try everything you want to try out with a new smurf account quite easily without risking the size of your main account.

Fresh Smurf accounts

The most important factor in climbing the top leagues in League of Legends is your account’s MMR and Elo value. You will have fresh Elo and MMR accounts that have never been ranked before, thanks to the smurf accounts that you can use on different servers in League of Legends, which you will buy with the assurance of SuperSmurfs, and you can buy with just one click. Thanks to the blue essence and different boxes, you can open the champion you want immediately and start using it like an account you always use. In this way, if you win your first ten matches, you will earn a lot of LP and quickly rise to the leagues you deserve.

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