Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends?

Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends?
Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends?
Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends?

The term smurf is an account that has mastered a game or played in the high leagues before, and then opened another account and started in low ranks where it played outside of the main account. It is not only used in League of Legends game. It is a term commonly used in competitive online games. Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends? is one of the most curious questions.

We will give you detailed information about this term that League of Legends players often encounters. When you read this article, you will get enough information about Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends? Perhaps you will also want to buy a smurf account. It is really tempting to open a smurf account because of the advantages it provides.

Origin of the name Smurf

Two players in Warcraft are the creators of this term. Although they played very well, they opened an account called PapaSmurf (Papa Smurf) and Smurfette (Smurfette) to have fun with other players and destroyed those who could not play the game well. Thereupon, such players started to be called smurf.

In this way, even in other games, using side accounts and playing in the lower leagues are still called “Smurf”.

Although Smurf accounts sometimes kill people’s taste, it is a very good method to allow players to play in their new accounts without losing time, thanks to the time-saving. Nowadays, many games have smurf accounts. Riot Games, the owner of League of Legends, does not impose any sanctions on them. Other companies do not have any sanctions on these accounts too.

Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends or not?

Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends? Yes, it is, although Riot Games does not fully support this situation, it does not directly ban it. If your smurf account is your own, you will not be banned unless you draw attention. The reason for this is an issue that is very difficult to punish. You open an account for yourself and you play with a different name and different roles. This is a very good step for the player to improve himself.

Most Smurfs On Which Server?

Most smurf players are found on the Western Europe (EUW) server. Because the world’s best quality players are on the EU West server, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) is the most competitive globally, and the competition in the European West server is very high. Famous Twitch broadcasters can enter games in their smurf accounts and make fun or informative broadcasts. Sometimes, teams from the world’s biggest leagues such as Korea can come to Europe and Bootcamp on the EUW server. Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends? It proves that the answer to the question is a positive answer.

How Can I Find a Smurf Account?

Thanks to the 30 Level Unranked accounts sold on our site, you can also have a smurf account. We have reliable smurf account sales on EUW, NA, EUNE servers at affordable prices.

There are boxes with different numbers of blue essence, characters, or costumes you can earn in-game within the accounts you will buy. You can use these blue essences to unlock the champions you use if you want. You can also choose the champions out of the box, as we will forward them to you without opening any box in your account.

Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends or why people prefer smurf accounts?

Why is a Smurf Account needed?

You have started to play an online game, and you have reached the level to score ranked matches and played your first ranked matches. As a result, you started playing in a certain league. Every match you play will increase your experience, but as you rise, your opponents’ level will rise with you. In such cases, experienced players have a chance to start from a better rank by opening a smurf account, using their previous experience, and rising quickly. Apart from that, a smurf account can be opened to help a new player.

In short, we can say that smurf accounts are accounts opened by experienced players to provide excellent gameplay without making the same mistakes by learning from their old mistakes.

Besides, if you are not satisfied with the ELO in your account, you can increase your game by purchasing a new account on our site instead of struggling with the trouble of opening a new account.

Instead of this time you spend to cash out an account from scratch, you can get a smurf account and start enjoyably playing your ranked matches.

Why People Want Smurf Accounts?

Some players just want to try out a new role or champion and don’t want to use their main account in case everything goes wrong. It’s a much better way to practice on a new account as you don’t have a new name and stats by buying another account instead of losing 10 rank matches in a row on your profile and damaging your entire rank. It’s a popular thing for practicing until you’re good enough to play on your main account.

Another popular reason people have smurf accounts is to play in a different server region. If you already have an account on EUW, maybe you want to try switching to different region servers. Of course, you have the right to do this in the in-game store, but it is expensive, and you have to pay again if you want to return in the future. Why not just buy another account for that region, and your old account stays on the original server? This way, you have two accounts, and you can play in both regions. You get a new account without having to pay a server transfer fee.

Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends or why people prefer smurf accounts?

Now that you know what a Smurf account is and why people choose to smurf, it’s time to get your Smurf account. You can reach the rank you want on other servers thanks to having a Smurf account instead of opening a new account and retreating.

If you want to have an account where you want to play ranked games without wasting time on different servers, you can look at our site‘s accounts. These accounts are completely intact, within which you will decide everything. Since no ranked matches have been played before, you can make sure you start high. You have read our article titled Is Smurfing Safe in League of Legends, if you want to reach more content like this, stay tuned!