Reasons to purchase smurf account

Reasons to purchase smurf account
Reasons to purchase smurf account
Reasons to purchase smurf account

If you are playing online games or following online games, you’ve definitely heard a few things about smurf accounts. This article will tell you what a smurf account is and what purposes it may have been opened for.

You have started to play an online game, and you have reached the level of ranked matches, and you have scored your first ranked matches. As a result, you started playing in a certain league. Every match you play will increase your experience, but as you rise, your opponents’ level will rise with you.

In such cases, experienced players have a chance to start from a better rank by opening a smurf account, using their previous experience, and rising quickly. Apart from that, a smurf account can be opened to help a new player.

Smurfs are an additional account created by a player for himself. So who opens it or for what purpose? Smurf accounts are usually additional accounts opened by experienced players who have reached a certain level in the game. So why? There may be more than one specific reason for a player to open a smurf account.

Instead of playing in their own league, people who enter an account in lower leagues and have fun or play seriously and try to rise to the league are called smurf. There may be more than one reason for these people to play in your smurf account.

For those who want to be successful in the world of League of Legends, accounts that have never been subjected to any transaction before and that are clean and suitable to play are of great importance. These accounts, called Smurf account, also depict accounts that are not ranked, promoted, and ranked.

Why People Buy LoL Smurf Account?

Now that we explained what Smurf Account means let’s talk about why people buy smurf. Smurf account has become a common thing now, and some are already taking advantage of it. Now, players have a certain interest in opening a smurf account. These are the why people buy smurfs;

Developing the account and selling it on the internet
Specializing in newly released champions
Boosting different accounts
Trying and studying different strategies

What are the Advantages of Smurf Account?

As we call the Smurf account, it is a new page opened from scratch. So you will not have previous heavy defeats on this account. Basically, it is an account that has the potential to take you to much better places, to much higher levels.

I seem to be hearing the question of whether I can log out on the new account you have not signed out on your main account.
Yes, it makes sense to ask this question. I have an answer to this. It is called “elo hell.” Suppose you have always been in the low leagues with the same account for a long time. This is because you have hit “Elo Hell” once. Make 10 out of 10 in the promotions ranked as much as you want, and your elo level will remain in silver for a long time due to the accumulation of past years. The reason for this is both you and you are not.

You are because you learned the game from this old account. So even if this account looks like a rookie, you have played the game before. Your Noob state still affects your league level.
For this reason, opening a “smurf” with a brand new account would not be a wrong decision if you realized that you are stuck in elo hell.

On which server has most smurfs?

The Euw server, the European server, is the server with the most smurf accounts. Because famous e-athletes are on this server, famous Twitch broadcasters can enter games on their smurf accounts and make fun or informative broadcasts. Sometimes, teams from the world’s biggest leagues such as Korea can come to Europe and Bootcamp on the EUW server.

Is Playing Smurf Account a Reason for Ban?

Although Riot Games does not fully support this situation, it does not consider it a direct ban reason. You cannot be banned from a smurf account unless you overpower your luck and draw attention.
Here’s what a few Rioters have said about this article;

A “smurf” account is a second League of Legends account created by a player separately from their main account. We do not support secondary accounts because secondary accounts can spoil the experience of other players. For example, if experienced players who have opened secondary accounts enter ranked and crush those in Bronze, this can cause situations that upset the game. It is not possible to completely prevent this situation due to the high number of LoL players and the ease of opening an account. We do not remove secondary accounts from the game unless required.

Suppose we are actively working to fix certain issues in competitive modes from secondary accounts. For example, if a player uses their secondary account specifically to harm the game and other players, we penalize that secondary account, and sometimes even the main account with it.

How Accounts Are Delivered

Our system is delivered fully automatically. The accounts have the SuperSmurf guarantee and are not contracted by a third person. You can easily change your e-mail address in accounts that belong to us and start playing games without any problems in your account.
You can join this adventure by purchasing a new smurf account. You can easily exit your low league and start showing off to your friends!

If you have a smurf account in mind, you can get a new smurf account in SuperSmurf quality. You can contact us on our site if you have problems with the accounts you have purchased with SuperSmurf assurance. Smurf account arrives you quickly. Instantly have smurf accounts that you can buy as many as you want on different servers. To learn more about League of Legends, you can continue to check out our other articles and follow our SuperSmurf site.