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Are you looking to earn some money while playing League of Legends? We are looking for skilled boosters that are able to boost our accounts!

You have 1 month (starting from the purchase date) to rank the account to one of the following divisions to be eligible for rewards.

Diamond 4 = €35
Platinum 4 = €10
Gold 4 = €2
Silver 4 = €1

+20% per subdivision (3, 2, 1)

Requirements for payout:
– Silver+ Solo/Duo Rank
– Honor Level 2+ (If honor level < 2 then -25% payout)

1 Month Ban Warranty

Payout options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer & More Options To Come

Read our blogpost about earning money playing League of Legends for more ways to monetize gaming.

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We have different kinds of League Of Legends Level 30 Smurf Accounts in our store, they vary from 40000 - 70000 Blue Essence. Every account comes with full access.


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Payments go through our trusted partner Stripe. Stripe is a market leader in the world of payment processors. And our website runs behind a trusted SSL Certificate for safety.


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Start playing on your new account level 30 League Of Legends smurf account right away. Every purchase will be delivered to your e-mail instantly! So you can start playing right away!


I instantly got my account after purchasing from SuperSmurfs, I ordered a 70000 Blue Essence account. It even had extra Blue Essence. Thanks!


The support team was really helpful during the purchase process. And answered all my questions I had. I received my account right after paying.


Very smooth checkout process, thanks for the discount! The account was of real good quality and I could also change the e-mail and password!