6 Incredible smurf account tips to get better

It’s widely known that the majority of the players in League of Legends have smurf accounts. Have you ever wondered why?

Would people do it just to show off to their friends? Or to troll other people?

So many questions, but no answers to be found! Luckily we, SuperSmurfs have got your back! Try playing on a smurf yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t have to level one up yourself. We have level 30 unranked smurf for sale, our prices start from €4.50!

That entire experience would probably give you a few answers to this mystery. Or… You could just continue and read this blog!

1. Practicing New Roles & Champions

Let’s be honest, practicing in the practice tool will be boring eventually. Why not practice against real players in a ranked game where it does not matter if you win or lose. Because you are playing on a unranked smurf account your main account stays untouched.

Whether you want to learn a new role or champion, you can do it without any pressure of having the thought of losing or becoming tilted.

2. Avoiding Tilt

Smurf account

It is scientifically proven that when you are tilted you perform worse. You might think, what does being tilted even mean? You can read the definition of tilt on Urban Dictionary website!

Playing on a smurf will remove weight off your shoulders, you will no longer become angry as fast because it’s not your main account. Playing Solo Queue Ranked will be a lot more fun!

3. Ranking Up

Maybe you’re something that’s called “hard stuck” and you keep blaming it on “elohell” but that’s not the reason why you can’t climb. Of course, your game knowledge and mechanical skill play a big factor too but another reason might be due to your MMR being low. In this case a unranked smurf with fresh mmr would do wonders. You will start losing more LP than when you will win a ranked game. Playing on a smurf with fresh mmr will enable you to grow your knowledge of League of Legends. In order to get better at League of Legends, play on a unranked smurf with fresh mmr.

4. Boosting Friends

Is your friend hard stuck in Iron 4? Does he need your help to get out of the so called “elohell”? Well no worries, as a good friend you have got your friends back right. You tell him to add you on the new unranked smurf account you have just bought and the two of you will fight your way to victory on summoners rift! Sounds like a great friendship story, right! Get started right away and purchase a unranked smurf with fresh mmr today!

5. Trolling

Do you want to be the annoying Teemo top player with ignite? Do you want to relief your anger by griefing other players their experience? Which you can, but we do not recommend doing (on your main account). Then I have good news for you! You can do that by purchasing one from SuperSmurfs Shop! With our automatic delivery system you will have your account instantly, so you can get started playing right away.

6. Playing On Another Region

Did you know that ranking up in Europe Nordic & East is easier than in Europe West? Did you know that most big streamers play in North America? Why bother leveling up another account when you can just buy a lol smurf today! SuperSmurfs offer the lowest prices in the market, all accounts come with a warranty!

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