Get Better In League of Legends With These 4 Super Important Tips

We all blame our teammates now and then, but in the end, it is not in your hands to select what players you would like to have in your team. So let’s put these excuses aside, and help you get better in League of Legends and improve your overall League of Legends gameplay with these 4 tips.

1. Champion Pool

In League of Legends there are over a hundred champions available to pick from, each having their own interesting set of skills and gameplay. It is recommended to stick with a handful amount of the same champions along your journey in the solo queue experience. Why you may ask? Because playing those champions over and over again will make you know the ins and outs of these champions which will eventually allow you to play around the enemies weaknesses.

If you compare the recommended tip with the complete opposite it will become clear that you do not possess the required skills to play them to their full potential. Whenever an enemy takes advantage of this situation it can cost you the win.

It is recommended to practice on an alternative account rather than your main to avoid losing your progress. Don’t have time to level up to 30? We have a solution for under $10! Check out our store by clicking here.

2. Take a break

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You may know the famous quote “just one more game” while your match history is full of losses. Being tilted in League of Legends is catastrophic. It will snowball into a river of blood where Vladimir is waiting for you with his 25 mejai stacks.

Whenever you notice yourself being tilted or frustrated at the game, you will not be able to keep playing on the required level of skill to beat the enemy.

Basically all you have to do when you’re tilted is find another distraction than League of Legends. If you really want to continue playing League of Legends we recommend you to play on a level 30 smurf account so you can continue playing competitive but without hard feelings so you tilt less fast.

3. Play Around The Meta

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Every patch in League of Legends can be a huge difference compared to the day before. A lot of things can change in a short amount of time so it is important to keep yourself up to date with the meta.

The meta is basically information such as the following: strategies, patch notes, item builds, pro players picks etc.

Play champions that are strong in the current meta, make sure the champion you play fits in your team composition and try to get better in League of Legends.

4. Learn from other players

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Whether you’re watching a League of Legends livestream on Twitch or playing with your Diamond friend. Both situations are in some way good to help you get better in League of Legends. Imagine, chewing on some porro’s while watching your favorite streamer playing your favorite game.

Sometimes viewing the games of other players may give you an alternative way of looking at something. You may see mistakes that you have never noticed before. You can also learn from the streamer whenever he/she plays a champion that caught your interest.

Playing with a friend that is higher elo than you are is also a great way to get better in League of Legends because he/she can tell you what you’re doing wrong. You will also play against opponents that have a higher skill level than you, which may seem like an unfair game of League of Legends but it is actually in your favor won or lost.