Platinum 4 – 149 Champions and 125 Skins [EUW]


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Why you should buy a handleveled lol smurf

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Buying a handleveled League of Legends account comes with many benefits, especially the ones SuperSmurfs sells. These accounts are leveled by real human beings, therefore the ban ratio is 0%. SuperSmurfs is also one of the handleveled account suppliers that gives the customer the recovery information that is required if something would go wrong. Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends is very strict when it comes to unlocking accounts that they suspect for any reason. With our provided recovery information,  you won't have to worry about not being able to answer these questions.

The handleveled account has no ranked history, it is as fresh as it gets! With the unranked mmr, unopened loot (50K+ BE worth of loot) and full ownership ability you will be ready to dominate Summoners Rift without having to worry about anything!

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Stop wasting your money on accounts that get taken back, banned or closed for suspicious activity!

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We have different kinds of League Of Legends Smurfs Accounts in our store, they vary from 40000 - 70000 Blue Essence. Every lol account comes with full access.


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Bought 2 accounts one got locked due to suspicious activity but the details provided at purchase got the account instantly unlocked great service will be back for more


Had a couple questions before purchasing an account, the support team assisted me great. Recommended site for all your League of Legends accounts!


Very smooth checkout process, thanks for the discount! The account was of real good quality and I could also change the e-mail and password!