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What Does SuperSmurfs Offer?

The entire thought of buying yourself an unranked League of Legends smurf account from us is to save yourself the time and effort it takes to reach level 30. Upon reaching level 30, you unlock the availability to play competitive. Also known as Ranked Solo/Duo Queue or Ranked Flex (5vs5).

With our ranked-ready accounts, instant delivery system, low ban rates (<1%) and outstanding customer support we strive to stand out of our competitors like Smurfers, BoostRoyal and many other sites.

When purchasing any type of LoL account from us you will be ready to hop into summoners rift within seconds thanks to our 24/7 automatic delivery system. 

It is important that our customers can take full control over the bought lol smurf, therefore all League of Legends accounts sold on our website come with the ability to change the email address, and password that is assigned to the account.

After the payment for the buy lol account has been successfully executed you will be able to see the credentials of the purchased lol smurf product in our dashboard. You will also receive an invoice containing the credentials to your billing email address.


What is a league of legends smurf account?


There are many reasons why someone would be interested in buying a new unranked league of legends smurf account! One of the most straightforward reasons is to simply have more fun.

It can be very frustrating to lose games on your main account, and it is no secret that you will perform worse the more tilted you are. This is where smurf accounts come in place. Enjoy playing League of Legends without having to worry about the outcome of the game!

Another reason could be just to play with friends. A difference in Elo could hinder queueing up for a ranked game, therefore you would need to level up a new account to 30 just to play with them! Luckily SuperSmurfs can help you with saving the time and effort that it requires to level up the account with our ranked-ready lol accounts!

Perhaps you want to grind your way to the top by playing different champions or roles. You can do it all with our smurfs! Find more reasons why you should buy a lol account in our blogs.

Different types of lol smurfs

What League of Legends Smurf Account Should I buy?

We have a variety of League of Legends accounts to choose from. Here you can read more about what these types of lol accounts we sell.

Unranked Blue Essence LoL Smurf Account

This is by far the most popular type of account. The unranked smurf account is level 30, has never played a ranked game before therefore it has a fresh mmr (matchmaking ratio). It also comes with the promised amount of Blue Essence!

Unranked Capsule LoL Smurf Account

The capsule account is basically the same as the blue essence account, however the loot obtained from leveling up has been kept unopened. Therefore it is more customisable for the customer.

Buy Ranked LoL Accounts

From unranked all the way up to challenger accounts available in the store, these accounts come with champions, skin, more info about buy lol accounts can be found in the shop!

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